Domestic Goddess or Domestic Goodness? McCalls 9651

Yesterday, I had the coolest package arrive. It was full of old stuff. I mean really old, 1881 and 1928 cool stuff. And then there were things from the 50s too. It appeared to be the contents of a drawer. I like to imagine it was a drawer that hadn’t been touched in decades… there were vintage doilies, magazine clippings from the Ladies Home Journal, old recipes, a few patterns (the main motivator for buying), calling cards and so forth. Ah, the joys of etsy and the internet. Buy a drawer… it can be done!

Amongst the serviettes saved from weddings (Betty and Freddy, married June 10 1956), there was a great little cookbook by the General Electric Appliance Company called “Electric Cookery” (published 1928). Recipes included Creole Egg Timbales, Elmore Gingerbread, Hard Sauce (?), corn meal souffle, macaroni and cheese (of course), candied sweet potatoes and  lemon pie.

Perhaps the greatest mystery of all was the “breakfast muffin”. This implies that someone, presumably the lady of the house had time to bake that morning or the night before. “Hi Honey, I’m home, here’s a new cook book for the appliance designed to make your life so much easier”… no pressure! Seriously, with a little one, I’m lucky to have thought about dinner before mid afternoon, its a wonder we eat sometimes! Let alone the embellishing our days with the luxury of the breakfast muffin!

I take this as a challenge…. Today, I will bake. This means venturing out at some point and buying eggs. In the rain. The pouring rain. Little Prince  is wriggling around in my arms, he wants to play…Moment of sanity…Maybe not! Someone back in time was crazy. That is the bottom line!

Or, maybe they were just CRAZY husbands. MAYBE, it was something like this…

“Hi Honey, I’m…”

“Stop. Put the cookbook down. Now lower it gently… thats it.. Now…Back away from the door… that’s it. Now put it in the bin! You’re taking me to dinner,”

Tomorrow: the take me to dinner dress.

Today: McCalls 9651, the poodle top, so very fifties… to be pondered over coffee… sans breakfast muffin!

Good Morning... a pattern with your coffee and mail?

4 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess or Domestic Goodness? McCalls 9651

  1. I love Peter Pan Collar. I had a Peter Pan collar on one of my navy blue empire cut maternity dress. So cute. Again where the cut of the empire dress is, there is a big pleat on the front (remember it is a maternity dress) a trimming of blue satin and a bow where the single pleat is at the front. So elegant. i dressed smart and elegant when I was pregnant…one thing sure.

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