Focus on 1959…McCalls 4998

In keeping with the late fifties flavour of recent posts, I thought a classic scoop neck sleeveless dress was worthy of a mention. McCalls 4998 is pictured here with images from Vogue Knitting book Fall 1959 in the background. I love, love knitted garments and knitting is another passion which I tend to pick up seasonally.

If I had to pick an era to live in based on fashion alone, it would be the late fifties, early sixties… I just love the style. However, I wouldn’t trade in the progress made by the women’s lib movement since then. I do like having choices! Even though I relish domesticity, motherhood and adore learning to sew and knitting through the Winter, I have also enjoyed the benefits of my education and progressing my career. Basically, I want it all. Who doesn’t?

It seems to me that there is a social expectation these days that women are confronted with a choice- stay at home or have a career. I see no reason why things can’t evolve over time. Caring for my child in his infancy does not mean I have abandoned any ambition beyond the home hearth… nor does working mean I don’t care for domesticity.

In 2012, there is no reason we can’t have balance. I think the bottom line is doing what you (and your partner) have decided you want. Make peace with your own decisions and don’t be swayed by what others suppose, expect etc… that is this mumma’s point of view anyway.

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