Zipperlicious… and Griffe… encore!

So after almost four straight days of rain (more than we usually get for the whole of March), there has been a couple of hours of respite. The problem with rainy weather, is that temptation is just a few keystrokes away. I had seen Griffe Vogue Paris Original 1114 in the February-March 1962 edition of Vogue Pattern Book (as shown in the photograph above) about 6 months ago and had been lusting after the designs in the gorgeous photographed-in-Paris layout… black and white glamour at its best. Long story short, this little gem will soon be mine. Just waiting for the postman! But it makes for a lovely pattern of the day, to go with the Take Me to Dinner Dress…

It won’t be long now until we are on our way to an island destination for a change of scenery. I would say R&R, but I am under no illusion that travelling with a four month old will be lots of work. It will, however, be utterly wonderful to enjoy the beaches, go for early morning walks and enjoy lazy cafe dining. I did a lot of travelling before I got married, I have been there before… but it is so exciting to go places with my husband, for him its all new and I love the idea of showing him the best of the many places I have visited in the past, even if we won’t be splurging too much. It will also be interesting to see how our growing Little Prince copes with the change. Its a fairly long flight, but I am told that at his age, it is much easier than travelling when he is a year or two old… we shall see! I am delighted my mother will be travelling with us, for many reasons, but primarily because it will give her some quality time with her grandson. Selfishly, I am also pleased my husband and I might have at least one romantic dinner by the water… for a short little while, we can focus purely on each other. I don’t care what people say about family life, (it is wonderful), I still think its important to date your other half. I hope we are still dating when we are oldies.

Having put the red satin dress aside on the backburner, I have been working on a retro holiday dress, something relatively quick and easy. This is where I make a massive confession. I find zippers scary!!! That is the step I have now arrived at. I now have two dresses awaiting the installation of a zipper… and I have given myself the end of the week to finish them off!

Ready to zip through the end of the process...!

5 thoughts on “Zipperlicious… and Griffe… encore!

  1. I have already suggested what you must do. i think lest you are not working in a zipperline clothes factory, as a humble sewer in my early years, there is no harm and it is extra safe to attach the zipper by hand first…baste…baste…baste. Then the zipper won’t move at all when you finally run it into the machine. But of course there is the snip snip snip away the basting after that.

    Trust me

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