Sugar and Spice… and all things spectacular

Little Prince amuses himself as I watch the online auction jump and jump and JUMP

I love this picture. Little Prince in action! He must have sensed my excitement today watching an online auction of a fabulous pattern collection (185+) that went on eBAY. My heart raced and I was wowed at the final value… USD$965.55… All the same, if half the patterns featured in the photos were complete, the buyer got a bargain. Some would, individually sell for $100-200 and are quite sought after.

Hollywood E6321, McCall 8230 and Du Barry 2504B... 1930s to 1950s girls dress patterns, all with the ever popular Peter Pan collar

The hand of the past again reached from the depths of a pattern envelope today (I count all the pieces in my patterns to ensure they are complete). I found a few things of interest. One, featured in the photo, was the original seamstress’s ideas to alter a pattern for a girls dress. I love the thought that went into this process. I wondered how long it had been since the pieces were replaced and the pattern had been put aside.

In another envelope, the pattern was incomplete but the seamstress had cut some pieces from a local newspaper in Illinois. It was quite the insight… on one side was a career section, the average salary for “college men” being $4-5k per year. If you were a woman, “between 18-35” and “Intelligent and attractive” you could be trained as an air hostess, no salary advertised. A sign of the times indeed! They might as well have said “ugly women need not apply”! Given that patterns in the 1950s typically sold for between 35-50 cents, it gives one an idea of their price against income.

I have included three dress patterns for girls today which all have a similar theme, cap sleeves and Peter Pan collars. What better clothes to enjoy childhood, climb trees, chase ballons or (as it appears in one pattern illustration) cross creeks!

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