Another time capsule. “Hello… from 1953”

Very little opportunity to do much today, I think our Little Prince was bored at home but the sporadic rain through the morning made any prospective adventure unappealing. So he was stuck with me for entertainment. By the time my husband got home, I was pretty happy to see him! And Little Prince lit up with his usual radiant smile the minute hubbie appeared at the door.

At that point I did sit down and count a pattern that had been begging to be properly catalogued before being slipped into a clear plastic bag and stored. And am I glad that I did.

Hello... from 1953. An image saved by a seamstress of the past.

Today’s pattern is Vogue 8153 of 1953. Inside the envelope I pulled out (with delight) a neatly folded page from a magazine with a picture of the finished dress. The caption reads: “Lovely flecked tweed with crisp white linen collar is a “love” of a dress that goes everywhere. It has an easy skirt with side pockets, pearl buttons, wool braid tie.” The model wears a Sally Victor hat.

On the other side of the page were some fashion photographs of models sporting wool dresses and suits, priced between $31.94 and $77.75. When one considers that the pattern cost 75 cents, patterns appeared to offer women the ability to access current fashions at a fraction of the cost of their ready-made counterparts. A velvet bag cost $1.99, a pair of earrings was $1.00- $2.00, a velveteen hat was $6.95 and a pair of cotton gloves cost $3.95.

I love the image of the model who appears in the made up Vogue pattern. Could she have known she would be smiling at 2012? Fabulous.

2 thoughts on “Another time capsule. “Hello… from 1953”

  1. Love your first paragraph! I could picture it, a 1940-1950’s picture of a very happy family….when pictures were in black and white, when women in pictures emitted good health and happiness, a true smile, and husbands came home after a day’s work in suits, smiling as he entered the front door, greeted by a lovely child on it’s mother’s arms, when pictures were NOT airbrushed.

    Finally finished posting my profile on Facebook. Well, I was not born to be a housekeeper, so what do you do at 3am? or at 2am? About 6 years go, i used to iron shirts, now I answer emails etc. ha ha ah ha and have early breakfast at 4am.

    • Ironing at 4am??? Crazy lady! Like I said, thank goodness for women’s lib!:D Actually, A don’t know if my smile was true or not but the first thing hubbie said to me when he saw me last night (and I was smiling) was “You look delirious!” LOL.

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