The holiday dress is finito!!! Project reflections on McCalls 3621

Around  Christmas, I started working on McCalls 3621, a sundress with feature pleats  at the bodice neckline… almost three months later I finally got around to installing the zip and hemming it. My husband watched bub whilst I sat at the machine! The seams aren’t finished with seam binding but I don’t have anymore time and I am confronted with a reality- if I don’t wear the dress on this holiday. it probably won’t be worn as I made it to accommodate my more busty, post-baby size… I am hoping to become a bit more petite by the time next Summer rolls around. It can be altered of course, but it would be great to wear it in its original form. As its not actually breastfeeding friendly, my plan is to wear it on a date with hubby (when Little Prince is enjoying his grandmother’s company).

I have to admit I felt real pride when I tried the dress on. It looked, I was sure, just like the dress on the envelope… my first fully completed new vintage dress. The break down of costs:

  • $3 for 5 metres of gorgeous, crisp vintage cotton found at a thrift shop (bargain, bargain… it was sublme to work with)!
  • $2 newly purchased zipper
  • $2 vintage thread
  • >$10 pattern

Ahhhmmmm.. and that is pretty much all it cost me to make, but it definitely would have been $70-80 to buy something like it new (possibly more).

Lessons and likes: zips aren’t so scary, it was fun fitting the dress a little bit after the first try on… I didn’t actually make it to save money per se, but to have a truly unique garment… the fit was the bonus. It definitely feels like it is a dress that has been made to fit. I liked being able to have choices about dress length, whether I wanted it to be a bit more fitted in one place or looser in another.

Thoughts for the future of the dress: next Summer if I do alter it, I want to fit buttons to attach a little cape or capelet… I saw this on another 1950s dress pattern which I really liked (and have ordered from etsy)… I think it would go perfectly and I should have just enough fabric. Like the idea of protecting my arms from the sun and the added vintage flavour.

Where are the pictures?!?!? I will strike a pose on holiday for the blog.

Would I make it again…? Possibly… but I have so many other projects to try and learn from, lined up in the to-sew list.

In the spirit of island holidays, today’s pattern is Butterick 3745, Betsey Johnson of  Alley Cat… love the wrap skirt in this!

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