Aloha… with Vogue 5395

The sun was setting, surfers dotted the horizon on the water, and a lazy flower poked its head out from the top of my glass of zinfandel. Wonderful drink with hubbie tonight in the holiday dress. It was fifties, and it felt feminine and beautiful. The length which was mid length looked so very different from what other people were wearing, yet it was so simple. For the first time in ages I didn’t just feel like a new mummy, I felt vaguely pretty. Got to love vintage fashion, fit to flatter.

Todays pattern of the day is VOGUE 5395, a drawstring jacket. I usually don’t like drawstring anything but depending on the fabric this could be a simple yet elegant way to dress up some casual evening attire… versatile. Methinks something silky and red as in the illustration, or red with tropical flowers… or maybe that is the Hawaiian surrounds influencing me!!

One thought on “Aloha… with Vogue 5395

  1. I’m not a fan of a drawstring waist but I do like the red version. I guess with enough padding on the shoulders it would take the attention off the waistline!

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