In the pink with Kate Spade and McCalls 4431

Fabulous Japanese food in Honolulu

If you love Japanese food, Hawaii is the place to be (if not Japan, of course)! Fresh seafood, delicious combinations… surely its not unhealthy either!!!

Today both husband and son were incredibly patient as mummy indulged in some mummy time. Retail therapy! I had my make up done at Nieman Marcus, checked out some dress shops and did some damage at the cutest kidswear stores, Janie and Jack and Gymboree. Between Grandma and I, Little Prince is going to have some great threads.

I passed KATE  SPADE who had an amazing window display (the regular shop and at Nieman Marcus) and the retro theme was overwhelming. I had a quick peruse of their current catalogue and apparently the theme stems from 1960 (there was a great cover from Harper’s Bazaar 1960). Vintage fashion lovers eat your heart out.

Kate Spade does retro at Nieman Marcus, Ala Moana Shopping Complex

Today’s pattern of the day is GORGEOUS. I particularly love the illustration of this pattern envelope, the colours are vivid (its a no brainer as to where some recent fashion collections get their inspiration) and the dress is late 1950s… McCalls 4431. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Late 50s glamour

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