Flys or flies??? The Next Day outfit

“Ummm, honey its flies, not flys…”

“No it is noooot! Are you sure…?”

It was then my husband used the word that I love to hear when we play scrabble, as it usually implies a challenge and an opportunity for me to gain a zillion points… “Dictonary,” He replied.

To my mortification, it IS flies, not FLYS. Of course everyone in the world knew that and I lost about a hundred brain cells in public perception in less than a minute. Possibly more.

We all have these… embarrassing moments. They may be the result of realising you’ve committed a major social faux pas like… hmmm… getting the name of someone’s child wrong (I did this recently and was so embarrassed I was ready to dig a hole in her living room floor and hide in it), calling someone’s second husband or wife by the name of the first (never done that) or letting slip that you’re going to see them soon at their surprise birthday party (thankfully never done this either). There are far worse moments of course and Princess Diana was famed for the little black dress she wore when news broke out of her husband’s longstanding affair. Okay, so maybe a major spelling mistake is not so bad!

So what outfit is the perfect next day outfit in retro terms? My thought would be something that screams COMPOSURE. Perhaps INTELLIGENT or PROFESSIONAL too…

VOGUE s4863 would appear to cut the I’m-so-composed-and-can-really-truly-spell mustard.

The next day outfit... a cover of a 1950s IDEAL HOME in the background... oh so modern... oh so composed!

We are still in Hawaii and are enjoying the leisurely pace. As its unlikely we are going to go anywhere after this for ages, I have included some photos… enjoy!

Little Prince takes Mummy and Grandma shoe shopping!

A gorgeous macaw dazzled us on our morning walk

The view from RUM FIRE, a Sheraton Waikiki bar... Diamond Head in the distance... had a drink here with hubby

Koi abound in the many Japanese inspired gardens

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