Think Betty: Think pretty fifties

I am well and truly missing Hawaii. It was marvellous spending time with my husband and mother, moreover, I had help whenever I needed it. For the first time since Little Prince was born, I could go shopping for half an hour and feel completely comfortable knowing he was with two of the people who love him most in the world. There was nothing to worry about, they could just call me to come back if there was an issue. It was also so much easier to be active and I loved our ability to plan our days together as a family.

The last couple of days Little Prince has been saying “Dadda.. Dadda.. Daddy”  usually in the afternoons, and I know he misses being around him too. How can you explain to a baby that daddy is at work? Distraction is a wonderful tool, but I feel it too. We loved being together all day long! The weather, the good food (I became seriously addicted to the pear and blue cheese salad at Nordstrom Cafe) and the gorgeous scenery were wonderful also!

Todays pattern of the day is Vogue Special Design 4108, a one piece dress from 1960. I think most women in the late fifties and early sixties would have had a dress pattern like this handy- it is simple but sophisticated, not too technical to make and the design lends itself to day or night, depending on the version chosen. In line with her character, Betty Draper probably would have gone for the flared rather than slim skirt. The skim skirt version is more “Joan” to me. I love the cummerbund which was so popular at the time and typically required the use of featherbone, which I very seldom see sold on etsy.

Fifties prettiness... a 1950s Vogue Pattern Book in the background.

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