Think Betty: mundane glamour, knitted svelte and great accessories for a Sunday drive

A diamond stitch sheath featured in Vogue Knitting Book, fall 1956... luuuuuuuurve the red! This would have been great to whip up over a Winter, but this kind of project would take me ages!

It is Sunday, day of wonderful want-to-be-laziness… Once upon a time, it was the day of the Sunday drive. The Sunday drive used to be a big deal. My Dad was a child of the baby boom and I recall the Sunday drive featured in his childhood memories. He grew to dislike being packed into the car for weekend picnic and scenic tours… it was done so often and probably afforded so little playtime for a kid who like books and tin soldiers!

What is it about the fifties and sixties that was so alluring in terms of vintage fashion? In a nutshell, I think it was about “mundane glamour”. This might sound like a contradiction in terms, but accessories appear to have been used to add a super boost of sophistication, smartness and bling to everyday outfits. Why not wear your pearls to the store, if you were going to sport your gloves anyway? If you were going to wear your pearls, why not wear your hat? Perhaps after so much frugality and belt tightening in World War II, even the suburban world was ready to revel and delight in every opportunity for beauty and prettiness, anew. Accessories opened a door.

I particularly love the knitted red sheath dress above, but I think what really makes the look are the accessories. Today’s pattern of the day is Vogue 5332, the must-have turban.

A turban, a gorgeous addition to a fifties or sixties outfit... (Vogue Pattern Book in the backgorund)

I love the red gloves in the pattern image above (from a BEAR BRAND “BIG SPICE” yarn pattern book)… to be honest, without the gloves the outfit would be a little dull. Overall these looks are all befit Betty Draper’s character and style… pretty and sexy without being altogether overt.

Now, about my lazy Sunday…

One thought on “Think Betty: mundane glamour, knitted svelte and great accessories for a Sunday drive

  1. I love 50’s and 60’s style too! Those two decades are probably what I gravitate to the most when I dig through my patterns. You can’t bet the simple style of the classic woman and the pretty silhouette of the dresses. And hats! I wish everyone still wore hats! =)

    LOVE that red dress in the first picture! The colors of those decades were always so bright & happy. Thanks for sharing!

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