Vogue 8173, adventures in plaid and the Easter weekend…

For weeks I have been wanting to sew something new… what is the point having so many patterns if they serve no practical purpose? I must have a list of twenty garments I want to make… but when the Easter weekend arrived and my husband was able to help me with Little Prince, I decided on Vogue 8173 from the early 1950s.

50s Vogue 8173... simple but so sophisticated

It seems I always set myself a bit more of a challenge than I need to… and my chosen fabric was a gorgeous woven plaid… yes, plaid… which only looks good if its at least somewhat matched. Friday night I started cutting and was up until 2am… by early afternoon the next day the bodice was made and by Saturday night I ran the skirt panels through the machine. I was a little bit lazy and didn’t baste them like the front and well… I regretted it! It was time wasted picking seams of perfectly matched grey thread! Okay, lesson learnt… the plaid didn’t totally match and I recut one of the panels, basted the second time round and ran it through my trusty ELNA again…

Done twice over, but worthwhile

So the plaid dress is almost complete… I tried the technique of sewing the front and back skirt panels to the front and back of the bodice separately, with a view to joining the side seams at the end. I have basted the left side for the inclusion of an invisible zipper (I always choose longer zippers than necessary), so really, I am on the home stretch!

Detail of the bodice... needs to be pressed... again

Call me crazy, but I made the dress one size smaller than I am at present… a bit of incentive for me for next month! Totally necessary after the chocolate Easter eggs that found their way to our place.

I loved watching the garment take shape and decoding the instructions to construct… I could barely sleep once I started! I tried especially hard to keep the inside of the garment lovely and neat and will try some seam binding as part of the last steps.

Little Prince watched me on the machine, curiously… so lucky my husband gave me some time! Easter weekend is nearly over… and I almost have a brand “new vintage” dress! Hurrah! The jury is still out on whether or not to make a matching bolero…

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