A dress for one’s dreams… (Lanvin of course)

Hello weekend

I think it was one of the prettiest dresses I’d ever seen. Forget that there was no regal occasion, the listing on eBay filled me with pattern lust. It was Lanvin. It was rare. it was beautiful. Why wouldn’t I want it? Well, apparently everyone else who saw THE DRESS felt the same way. A remarkable dress pattern sale on eBay, Vogue Paris Original Model 1337 by Jacques Heim went for an astronomical AUD/USD $469.00 or 304 British pounds… okay, so I am rounding to the nearest dollar… Not bad at all for a cut pattern with a missing envelope flap.  Its dress of the day today, a wishlist (or in-my-dreams list) pattern. The same pattern I believe surfaced in the last couple of years and went for a more humble USD$225… (I am drawing on memory but I am sure the figure is accurate). Wow. Double wow! But it is a beautiful, beautiful dress.

In online auction land there were some other interesting but less astronomical sales of late:

Vogue Paris Original Model 1355 (Griffe) went for USD $138.50 (cut but complete)

Vogue Paris Original Model 1104 (Lanvin) went for USD $227.50 (cut but complete)

Vogue Paris Original Model 1242 (Griffe) went for USD $152.50 (cut but complete).

It seems I am not alone in the world on pattern love! There are others out there (queue haunting X Files music…)!

The dahlias... and the dress-in-progess on the dressform in the background... invisible zipper almost fully installed...

This weekend is our anniversary weekend so we are planning a special Sunday lunch at home… we bought everything we needed at the market this morning… fresh pasta, chorizo…yummy! And I have filled the living room with the most glorious flowers (the dahlias pictured, which I have a soft spot for).

For a little eye candy I have included a picture from a Columbia Minerva pattern booklet cover which I thought was very interesting. Published in 1953 it says “to make while you watch your favourite tv show”. TV would have been the latest and greatest thing (it came to Australia, I am told, in 1956)… I just thought it was interesting the way it was used to market the booklet. The cover model looks pretty fabulous too, must be one of my 50s favourite knitting pattern books, in terms of imagery…. happy weekend everyone!

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