Thrift shop couture.. with Vogue 991

So, I am starting a new dress before the other one is off the dress form… VOGUE 991… Yes, I know what you are thinking… finish it first… but I am waiting to get a DVD by Claire Shaeffer to see if there are any techniques I could use to hem it.

With this new dress I thought it would be great to try the mock-up dress using a cheaper fabric, fit it etc and then make it up in more costly fabric if I like it… I am not using musln, I am using a cotton I bought at a community garage sale yesterday, which I thought could be chambray, but its a bit stiffer? Got to say, I love working with it! Fabulous to cut!

I bought a great fabric lot yesterday, pictures included below, cannot wait to use them!!! Sewing nirvana. Hubbie presented me with a wonderful first anniversary gift (which is traditionally paper)… “Minxy Vintage” by Kelly Doust (have I mentioned how absolutely awesome he is)?!?!? Great book with gorgeous photos and lovely vintage dresses… lots of inspiration.

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