Toiling over the toile (muslin)

Well, perhaps toiling is too strong a word, nothing too difficult but making a dress incrementally (thread needle, tend to baby, feed baby, put baby to sleep, baste one section, baby is awake again and wants toys, where was I basting? Oh yeah, finish basting area, check instructions, baby wants attention, talk to baby, present baby new toy… no, baby wants to be changed… you get the drift).. is proving to be difficult, but I think I am half way there. It just feels like its taking me forever!

We did manage to pop to the shops  briefly to pick up dinner. Here is the perfect dress for such a trip, 1950s style… this is so pretty… another on my ever growing list of dresses to make. Maybe I’ll get to this one before I turn 50….! 😀 The glimpse of one’s neck beneath the knot seems very chic to me. I like subtle details (and I am one for scarves knotted at the neck in any event).

VOGUE 9525

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