Sheer Glamour and other notions- Vogue Couturier 199

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to making Vogue Couturier 199, primarily because I think its a fabulous pattern I will be able to use for many dresses in different fabrics. I love the shape, the style and the lack of fussiness. Vintage doesn’t have to be overdone, this is a great pattern for that reason.

Little Prince and I went walking today, and stopped at an Organic cafe at the local market for a cuppa. Mostly he enjoyed jumping on my lap and clambering on my shoulder, (so much for the hoped for nap). Whilst he was jumping, I heard myself laughing- you know real laughter, the uncontained and unconscious kind. By that I mean, I only became conscious of it when other cafe goers cast glances in our direction. I am loving motherhood, with its abundance of new feelings. Our son is a delight, the way he learns and explores everyday and I am enjoying his babyhood. Needless to say, the toile (or the pieces of the toile) taunt me from where they lie, draped all over our living room furniture. So its on the agenda for this weekend.

I did want to share a beautiful find that I found at a thrift shop on our adventures, a gorgeous biscuit tin that is  now about to be my latest and greatest “notions tin”. I separate my cotton and silk threads and I am thinking this could be great for the candy coloured array of cottons that are packed haphazardly in a drawer in my sewing table.

What do you think? I am love with it. Very stylized. Begs to be opened!

3 thoughts on “Sheer Glamour and other notions- Vogue Couturier 199

  1. I think you are right about that pattern! It is sooo elegant. And I love your tin. My mum had a button tin very similar when I was little and still uses it now. Things like that become priceless over time!

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