A dress for holidays… VOGUE 5360

The basting (blue thread) in the collar is now being removed... basting kept everything nice and still/ aligned whilst under the needle of my trusty ELNA SU.

The toile is coming along now… baby steps, with a baby! There are times that I follow the instructions, I really don’t see where they are going… but faithfully I follow them until suddenly there is some clarity and I have the “Ooooooooh…. I get it now, moment….” At that point, the marvellous nature of the pattern shines… how clever I think the designer!

The times I’ve basted, I’ve been grateful, and the few times where I have tried to skip it, I have regretted it.

Vogue 991, does require buttons I have been doing lots of reading on various sewing blogs about bound buttonholes. They look so lovely that I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a bound buttonhole maker… I wanted to try it! Anyone else out there used one?

Todays pattern is VOGUE 5360… the more complicated designs don’t take away my appreciation for the more simple ones. I think this dress would be great for a pretty fabric… the pattern envelope illustrations are also just gorgeous… don’t you think?! Begs for floral… and a walk in Provence! The pattern was featured in US Vogue Pattern Book in February/March 1962, which suggested vanilla cream chiffon… they also suggested St Tropez… well, I suppose one need not choose, LOL! Make the dress for both, right?!?!?! ha ha (in my dreams).

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