An Odyssey of seam ripping and the long, long night

I cannot resist flowers.. our coffee table.

The light in Canberra this time of year, is startling and beautiful, in the morning. It is deceptive as the air outside is freezing cold! I love sitting in the stillness and being assailed by the image of pretty carnations on our coffee table. They always remind me of my grandmother, whom I am told also loved them.

I love mornings like this, though admittedly I am a bit wrecked today as Little Prince (my blogosphere moniker for our son- FYI) was burning up with a fever, had a cough and blocked nose. He just came down with it suddenly last night. One thing worse than being sick yourself is watching/ soothing a sick baby. Poor little guy! He does seem somewhat improved this morning… see the last picture, you’d never be able to tell!

In dressmaking land, I progessed the toile yesterday morning, or so I thought. I found a mistake, which I corrected, only to realise it was in fact the worst possible correction, I was right to begin with and the only way to correct it was to brandish a seam ripper, and rip the seams I did. I discovered there is an art to that too! DO NOT HURRY! I accidentally tore a collar piece which I had to recut, dart, etc… In any event, it amazed me I could still make a mistake after hand basting, machine basting and then proper stitching… alas, I did, probably because I didn’t turn the collar to check it first… I was tempted to pretend it wasn’t major and it wasn’t there but reminded myself the purpose of the toile is also a bit of a test run, as well as an opportunity to better fit the garment. So I re-did everything which took forever… My new motto… HURRY NOT, RIP NOT… or something like that! Ha! I am actually keeping notes about what I am doing/ need to do so I don’t forget

In any event, its now back on the right track and I comfort myself with the knowledge that the final expensive fabric make up is going to be so much easier now I “get” the pattern. Dare I add seamless? (Bad joke, I know).

Carnations always remind me of the grandmother I didn't know...

Today’s pattern is so very Bond girl… Lanvin’s sophisticated one piece dress, Vogue Paris Original 1602.

I couldn’t help but include a pic of LP today… he lights up my world and I thought I’d share his sweet smile.

My little angel... you'd never know he was up half the night with a fever!

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