Loving Vintage… the Canberra Vintage Fair and Vogue Couturier 748

OH!!!!!!! My pretties!

“I don’t need it…” Debated one woman inspecting a vintage dress, longing in her eyes.

“Its not about need,” Her friend told her. “Its about love,”

I can only relate to this exchange which I overheard at Canberra’s Vintage Fair this morning. My sister-in-law had told me about it and I found myself looking forward to it for weeks. The fair doesn’t usually travel beyond Sydney… and how glad I was that I attended. I bought some black velvet ribbon, an unusual gold grosgrain for some dress trim… there were dresses, dresses, dresses… and dare I add patterns, patterns, patterns. In fact I found some GORGEOUS designs I had been coveting INCLUDING Federico Forquet’s VOGUE PARIS ORIGINAL 1315… I was rummaging, rummaging and I bought a few things… to think I might just find some buttons. I am officially broke for a little or a long while…! Not sure my sister-in-law anticipated seeing me on a little shopping spree! BUT WOW. IT WAS WONDERFUL! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! 😀

Todays pattern of the day is Vogue Couturier Pattern 748 dated 1953. Very vintage, very appropriate for today!

A dress with a circle skirt and gathered sleeves, brought to you from 1953... delish!

Here is some Vintage Fair eye candy. Enjoy.

A personal favourite... I love the colours and simplicity... would love to find a fabric like this to make ups something similar. This one was priced in the hundreds, so a bit out of my league, especially after the pattern spree...