Tea for Two … and VOGUE 7259

It has been one of those weeks… the ones that FLY. Now that LP is growing, he has little friends and play dates, which also populate my calendar… naturally! Today I had a cuppa with another Mum. Of course we had TIM TAMS, a favourite Aussie chocolate biscuit… funnily enough I used to think they were too rich but rediscovered them in pregnancy… not the best rediscovery for my waistline.

Todays pattern is VOGUE 7259, featured in the rare-as-hens-teeth Vogue’s New Book for Better Sewing. I have noticed a lot of fifties dress patterns include a bolero of sorts. It appears to have been a wonderful wardrobe staple, particularly useful for a day look for a strapless evening dress that might be worn out to dinner.

This weekend promises more sewing (the toile, the toile)!!! And more markets. More fresh Autumn weather. More baby giggles and more time with hubby. Life is good.

A bolero for every other day

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