Vogue 7993… gather round for a cuppa…

Of late I have been discovering the joys of making baby food. Or should I say, the perils? Its not too hard, but one does have to think about a baby “menu” plan. I imagine it would be boring eating the same old thing every other meal!

I have put together a collection on my catalogue of patterns on BENTO (like a playlist). “Immediate future” includes Vogue 7993… I really want to make this one for next Spring (September in Australia). The gathers look so pretty on the bodice, a very flattering style. It would be wonderful to have a few hours and have a mega cutting session where I can cut three or four patterns at the same time. The time consuming part afterwards would be transferring all the markings, but it might be the only way to make a few dresses incrementally without taking years, with a little one in tow.

Well, Little Prince beckons. Where is my cup of tea?!?!?

Vogue 7993, love the gathers at the bust. The illustration on the bottom left is the feature in Vogue Pattern Book, February- March 1955… love my pattern books! Really give the designs context.

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