Oh, Federico! High Glamour…

Okay, my window to blog today is limited. Little Prince is in his circular play station. There is no SWAT team to save him from boredom… just SWAT MAMA! (AKA me).

I started doing the seams on my plaid dress the night before last… I am talking 11.30pm-2am (again, think shrinking windows of time)! I must say I love the look of seam binding and found a great tutorial at the Colette Patterns website, using some vintage seam binding I ordered from the US. I did a bit of the contrast thing which looks so cute in my opinion, though my skills at applying it leave much to be desired! I seemed to get neater as I went along (excuse the pun). I am thinking that seam binding should be used as the garment is assembled, not when its close to completion… this means that I have to do a bit of hand sewing to make the “ends” of each seam neat, particularly where they meet. Necessary for the plaid dress because the woven fabric is very prone to unravelling (a new discovery also)!

Call me crazy, but last night I also started cutting Vogue 7993… yes several dresses going at once… but its the only way its going to happen. When I pressed the pattern, prior to cutting, I found a scrap of fabric from the previous dressmakers project. I thought it was interesting we had chosen such similar fabrics. Mine is 60s-70s voile which feels like air beneath the shears… heavenly to work with!

A shred in time… the smaller scrap was found in the dress pattern, the larger scrap is from the fabric I am working with.

Today’s pattern is Vogue Couturier Design 1552… high glamour. I love the ruffle on the cape which gives this simple outfit a touch of sophistication. Yum.

Oh, Federico!

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