So very “Joan”… McCalls 6517 (1962)

This is a fabulous 1960s dress pattern… the style oozes the confidence and poise of Joan’s character in Mad Men. I have actually started cutting this one in a beige and cream houndstooth which actually transforms the look a little, but I love the way it is portrayed in this illustration in emerald green.

Its been a busy week in Babyville. I started back at the gym this week which is wonderful, I usually prefer to run at the gym because its easier to push myself when I know how far I have already run and for exactly how long… you can always say to yourself, “just one more 30 second sprint”… you can slow it down, and then hit another interval… Anyway, I have missed having my own headspace and really swimming or the gym has always done that for me… you are on your own time, doing something good for yourself. Its good to have the freedom to exercise again. I have found in the last six months that people’s understanding of what your body goes through, with a c-section, is pretty limited. It takes time to heal, whilst pretty common it is a major surgery. In theory, you’re not supposed to be running or doing anything high impact before then… Being patient has been hard and I have had to put the baby before my vanity. I wouldn’t blink at that small, temporary sacrifice.

I am finding when my hour at the gym is done, I am all the more happy to see Little Prince. He enjoys his grandmother’s company while I am gone. It always looks like he has grown whilst we are parted. I think I would go so far as to say, it makes the experience of motherhood so much “sharper” and beautiful when we are reunited.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow” That was Shakespeare. I guess it begins with these brief hours.

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