Finer details with 50s Butterick 5325

It hasn’t escaped my notice that many vintage sewing patterns from the late 1940s were full of small, finer details… lots of gathers, shirrs and darts in unusual places. I can’t help but wonder whether the technical elements of some of these patterns were more than a talking point by the wearer, but also a testament to their own skills at dressmaking (which most women in those days were acquainted). A simple style, whilst attractive might have seemed too plain and “easy”. I wonder if more detailed dresses were a symbol of status. Either you were talented or you had a talented dressmaker (and had the money to pay for one)?

Butterick 5325 from about 1950 is a lovely example of small, “finer” details, shirred accents at the shoulders and more shirring as a decorative feature at one hip.

Finer details

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