The dress of lavendar dreams and VOGUE 9156

My coffee is cold. I started writing a blog post half an hour ago, but Little Prince required some TLC… so, like many things it was started and picked up again later. I have found that being flexible and patient are the two things I have had to learn as a new mother… but like anything, once practised, its not so hard.

This brings me to the dress of lavendar dreams which I have been working on, equally as intermittent and at a glacial pace. I plan to wear it tomorrow so there has to be a decent swag of time soon!

Todays dress pattern is VOGUE 9156 (I am dreaming of Summer again, alas, it was minus five degrees in the capital last night). I like this pattern because it is straight forward and not too fussy and thus lends itself to lots of playful ideas in respect of fabric choice. To me it begs for floral. I also think the button closings make this the perfect dress to practise hand stitched buttonholes (for which I have a few shades of buttonhole twist). This would be perfect to bake cookies in or to wander the fragrant fields of Provence (hot lover or hot husband in tow).

Vogue 9156 of 1957… methinks sans apron!

Another day. Another few hours in the company of sweet Little Prince. And another slow step toward the lavendar dream dress!

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