Getting organised with vintage sewing projects

Last weekend, the dress I was working on took a left turn and became a two piece dress. I am still theoretically working on it to wear this Saturday night when I leave Little Prince with daddy to go to the ballet with my mother. He assures me it will be a boys night.

I decided to make it a two piece dress so that I could choose to match the skirt (which love, love, love) with other blouses etc and to maximise its “wardrobe return” (if you can all it that)! ha!

But it also got me to thinking about my sewing projects, sewing in a more selective way… things that I can wear more than once in a blue moon. So From July 2012 to July 13, my projects will assume the following shape. I am calling it a capsule wardrobe, though its probably more my Dream Vintage wardrobe!

Does anyone else out there want to try this July 2012 to July 2013? Plan your pieces- commit to them- and sew with the goal of a wardrobe, not just an outfit? Patterns wouldn’t have to all be chosen at the outset but the “missing links” in your core vintage wardrobe should be picked… I don’t know, just thought it would be fun!

Of course the ideal wardrobe will blend with the things I already own, and based on colour and style choices, I imagine will be essentially “ME”. Here is my current list of projects:

Slim Skirt
Ballerina (full and feminine) skirt
High waisted skirt
Two piece dress
sheer blouse
Bow collar blouse
Polka dot blouse
Sheath dress (maybe two)
High tea or Brunch dress
Red carpet dress (everyone has to have something mega-glamorous)!
Slip Dress (aka Goddess dress… think for the random last minute evening affairs… because there are so many of those in my life… LOL)!
Mummy-on-a-playdate dress
Saturday night dinner dress
Movies and coffee dress
The “Yoohoo” House dress
Summer nightie
What would you add? What am I missing? (Apart from the matching convertible and starlet lifestyle)?
Today’s pattern is nothing less than the iconic… Vogue Paris original 1557

4 thoughts on “Getting organised with vintage sewing projects

  1. Good luck!! I keep trying to focus my sewing on blouses–the main thing I need in my wardrobe. But there’s always some dress and special occasion on the horizon that distracts me 😉 But I’m not giving up!

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