1987, Karan … and the Classic White Shirt

I know it, lately I have been entrenched in the 1950s, but that isn’t to say that I only like 1950s designs. Truthfully, I love pretty classics. And what could be more classic than a fresh, white shirt? Timeless, I tell you. Jennifer Aniston is often snapped in white shirt, a blazer and jeans… one of my favourite looks actually.

You remember the 80s… Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in TOP GUN. Madonna came out with True Blue. The model Paulina Porizkova seemed to be on every perfume advert. The Atari was the computer of choice for lucky kiddos like us.. And Donna Karan came out with this lovely shirt pattern as part of the Vogue American Designer Collection. I give you … pattern 1961! (Everyone gasps here)! 

The era also gave rise to the likes of Betty Jackson, Claude Montana and the designer genius Issey Miyake. Tales for other posts.

In true 80s style, this shirt is actually… a body suit!


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