The quintessential Goddess Dress… Late 40s glamour, Simplicity 2939

“Simple elegance is personified in this exquisite gown. The soft flowing lines are held in at the waistline…” What a fabulous pattern description. I love this pattern because I think it captures that uber glamour from the 1940s… Pictured below with the cover of May US VOGUE. This kind of glamour never goes out of stye!


In Dressmaking Land, I have been doing lots and lots of research and am so excited to be doing an online course through pattern review with the esteemed Susan Khalje, “The Little Black Dress” in August.  In devising a dream vintage of my own making, I think this is the perfect course to take because Susan helps one to learn some basic couture techniques which are useful to upgrade any other given project. The question has been, WHICH little black dress to make? I have been agonising with two considerations in mind – possible future alteration noting my shape may change when Little Prince is fully weaned AND my ability in grading a pattern which may be smaller in some areas…

To this end I have been reading through many of Khalje’s articles. I have a number of Threads magazines but using THREADS Insider has been wonderful- I can view it on the iPad for starters, major bonus. I was also thrilled to discover that as an insider, one gets access to all kinds of fitting video demonstrations. This is particularly useful given I have a couple of garments at this stage which are waiting to be finished (think the Summer dress of late). If anyone hasn’t checking this resource out, I recommend it highly. 


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