Inspired by Vintage… and the value of a mood board

Yes, its been a few days since I posted. Reason being, I also signed up for Susan Khalje’s Craftsy course “The Couture Dress” which I have been thoroughly enjoying in any spare moment when not occupied with Little Prince. I have watched all the classes and started the initial steps of pinning, tracing and cutting the muslin, followed by thread tracing and then more pinning and machine basting. For the Couture Dress, I have opted with one of the simple “options”, a very nice sheath dress produced by Vogue, V8766. Its not vintage but has a vintage look depending on how its made up… for that reason, I am choosing it for my pattern of the day. ūüėÄ

Today I did my first fitting. I  have so enjoyed the process and have in tandem been thinking about using some of the techniques from the Threads Insider online videos (on fitting, specifically but they have another one called Industry Insider which addresses some of the specific fitting issues that apply to me). So at some point- hopefully in the near future- I will remove some of the basting, alter the pattern slightly, repin, baste and refit.

Um… what this means is we are eating sandwiches for dinner. Poor hubby. I say “poor” because he made the sandwiches last night! Ha!

I have also been thinking about coats and love the Burberry version featured above…¬†Delicious colours…. buttonhole twist (Belding Corticelli silk). The Burberry jacket was featured in a copy of 2008 Harper’s Bazaar (UK)…

I have been thinking about putting together a mood board for inspiration. Does anyone else use this when they go through the “thinking” process?

Alas, time to go make those sandwiches. I am sure we have peanut butter somewhere…?!?!?! How are your sewing adventures going?

2 thoughts on “Inspired by Vintage… and the value of a mood board

  1. Oh I like the pattern! And they offer so many variations. I haven’t made an actual mood board for sewing, but I used one for planning a party once. It did help to see everything (all the colors and patterns) grouped together. I use pinterest to collect ideas and inspiration. Do you pin?

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