Thread tracing, Muslins and the DIVINE Vogue Pattern Book of April May 1949


I won’t pretend I am not excited to finally have found a copy of Vogue Pattern Book, April May 1949. This was a very special issue… it featured the very first Vogue Paris Original Models from Paris by the likes of Griffe, Schiaparelli, Paquin… (See the fabulooous dress by Piguet below). Additionally, the photographs from the adverts and regular Vogue fashions are DIVINE (see images above and below… I particularly love the colour palette used in the Robert Holand advertisement above…) These old pattern books can be difficult to find and my own collection is not complete but slowly growing. I absolutely love the images and designs.


In that busy thing called “Life” Little Prince has been crawling EVERYWHERE and has been doing some more teething… anyone with a bub knows that teething can mean mayhem… for us it meant a week of 3am and 4am starts when LP didn’t just want to be awake, he wanted to play. Last weekend we were totally exhausted by 10am each day! This has impacted on my energy to do much else, though I have somehow managed to (1) make a dress for my sweet five year old niece’s birthday using a newly acquired bias binding maker (love it) and (2) trace and thread trace a couple of muslins including a dress for Susan Khalje’s Little Black Dress course in August… Vogue Paris Original Model 1292 by Jacques Heim 1955, which I think will look fabulous in black taffeta.


In the spirit of improving my skills I have also been trying to track down the series of Claire Shaeffer patterns that have been produced over the last 10 years… still no luck with the bias cut dress… but have managed to find a few.

What have you been sewing?!?!?!


9 thoughts on “Thread tracing, Muslins and the DIVINE Vogue Pattern Book of April May 1949

  1. wow, the pattern book sounds amazing! What a great find. I didn’t get to sew at all this past week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Too many things going on, birthday parties, movies, etc. I need sleep, and then hopefully some time to sew at the end of the week.

  2. Do the Vogue Pattern Books come with patterns too? The pictures you posted are just lovely and I hope your adventures with thread tracing, black taffeta and the like provide enough energy in themselves. Particularly if LP’s teeth rush though. Our wee ones managed through their teeth producing phase with very little impact on happiness. We were amazed.

    • You are lucky with the teething. Our poor little guy really seemed to be feeling it this weekend! And the teeth are popping up! The Pattern books didn’t come with the patterns, just gorgeous images and ideas, love them! Really wonderful resources if you can get your hands on them!

  3. I am totally jealous of your find! Seriously. I am. The inspiration they must be giving you is timeless.

    I’m sorry the little one is teething but I’m glad to hear that you were able to squeeze in some sewing! You go girl!

    On my sewing plate is a simple top and short and a pair of panties. I thought it was going to be a breeze to sew but it’s anything but. I bought tweed fabric and when I started researching, I realized the fabric needs ton of stabilization. I don’t mind the extra time because I really am liking the way everything is turning out.

  4. I don’t suppose that somewhere in that pattern book is the most beautiful high collared red coat? (drawn next to another gorgeous grey number and a pekingese)…I have ‘Blueprints of Fashion’ for the 1940’s and I have been obsessed with finding the pattern for that coat for about 5 years. I’ve only got part of that page in my book, so the front and back drawings aren’t there.

      • Trying to scan and send – will love you forever and always if you have it and can scan the other half of that page! It’s def. from a Vogue Couturier pattern book from 1949. Sadly, the bibliographic ref. only gives the year, not the month.

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