Buttercup yellow and polka dots… a Canberra weekend

ImageThis is all that could be  seen of Canberra from the usually spectacular Red Hill Lookout this morning…. only the Aussie flag on top of Parliament House peeked from above the veil of Winter Fog that kept the Capital covered! The flag is quite large and was a couple of kilometres away. In a different direction, Black Mountain tower also looked quite picturesque… we were hoping to take a long awaited balloon flight, however the fog meant that we couldn’t launch…. maybe next weekend?!Image

In dressmaking land, I have selected a rather happy yellow polka dot print for my Couture Dress (as per the Susan Khalje Craftsy course)… I am underlining the voile with silk cotton batiste, which is still quite sheer. I thread traced the seam lines in silk thread and then began the slow process of basting the dress together in a darker thread…Image


2 thoughts on “Buttercup yellow and polka dots… a Canberra weekend

  1. wow, that first pic is dreamy! I recently looked over this crafsty class–I am interested to hear your review when you are done–I don’t think I have the patience for a class like this right now, but I bet you’ll be learning a lot.

    • Yes, it was very dreamy and quite a sight! the fog eventually burn off but that day it was everywhere! The craftsy course is pretty good and yes- all the basting takes lots of time! Ha! So going slow and doing it incrementally… will write a review of the course when I am done… 🙂

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