The making of a McCardell

I cannot tell you how utterly excited I have been to be making a Claire McCardell dress, to wear to a friends wedding, no less. I had bought the most perfect silk taffteta plaid earlier this year and given McCardells classic air of casual glamour, the fabric and pattern begged to be married (excuse the pun). The pattern was sourced from the US from a fabulous seller in Pittsburgh, once part of a vast collection, it is now on the top shelf of my own humble collection, prized because I know I could probably make the same dress a dozen times over and wear it all Summer long. At this very moment it is sitting in a delivery truck waiting to be dispatched where my eager fingers and ready-pressed muslin await…

It is a loose, untailored and versatile style but given the slight size difference, my desire to make it over several times and the cost of the fabric involved, I have decided to make a muslin first. After all, you can never really “waste” muslin but you can gain valuable knowledge about the pattern and cut more confidently with a view to a great fit on the second run. Additionally, I am grading the pattern using my own sophisticated methods of guess-timation (basically eye balling it with use of a pattern that actually fits me).
I should be cleaning the house. Mr One Year Old (aka Little Prince) keeps tearing it apart. No Threads Magazine is safe!  Seriously, I am lucky if I get through the day with his face clean and dinner thought about. (Last night I ate cereal, if thats an indication)!
Todays pattern of the day is a knitting pattern (you’ll have to wait till the next installment to see the McCardell).
Enjoy the 1940s eye candy, available at VanessaLovesVintage on etsy…

Originally designed to make in Navy and White…

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