The McCardell dress- the bodice

So this morning I had approximately one hour sewing time (minus the time required to stack the dishwasher). I spent my time pressing the seams open on the facing done for one side of the bodice and fitting the bodice onto the mannequin. Before I cut the taffeta, I decided to do a post muslin run in some ABSOLUTELY fabulous, crisp retro cotton I picked up a few weeks ago- it caught my eye because it totally reminds me of the 1940s designs featured by the Onandaga silk company in my Vogue Pattern Book collection of that era (though I would date the fabric to the 1960s, possibly 1950s but the colour palette doesn’t really jive for that era). In any event, perfect for an everyday McCardell dress.

Making a McCardell dress

Featured here is the bodice- one arm facing has been done, the other side is yet to be done… Pinning to the mannequin the pattern actually made more sense… I was able to correct the pleating around the neck which had me puzzled when I handled it on a table (a 2D surface with no form to fill out the strategically placed folds).

Here is a ready made vintage Claire McCardell dress which I think is in the Met Museum – the pattern closely resembles (however the one I am making has a lovely romantic sash)…

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