A rose by any other name… Saturday musings

Its Saturday. Delight took the form of two hot air balloons that sailed silently over our house this morning as I hung out laundry. I raced up the backsteps to make sure my husband and son didn’t miss the unusual sight and we admired them together from the rear balcony of the house. Little Prince tried to say “balloon” but not successfully…Image

The other delight was discovering that the roses I planted a few months ago were happily blooming by the rear of the house. I cut a few of them and have displayed them in an old 1930s-1940s tea pot I recently found. The design of the pot was “the silver bough” by Grindley of England. The lid was long gone and the underside of the spout had a small chip but all the same, I saw the potential for a wonderfully “shabby chic” vase. Where is a Dutch painter when you need one?

That is life to me- its all about mundane prettiness and art in the everyday, don’t you think?


I absolutely must comment on the doily also photographed. I found this handmade treasure languishing in a thrift shop and was struck by its beauty and the obvious amount of time that someone had spent crafting such a gorgeous piece. I have a small linen and doily collection, and this is certainly one of my favourites! This was someone else’s piece of everyday art.Image

I have never made a doily, but this one might inspire me to start! (I can almost hear my husband groaning… its not a passion he is inclined towards)! Ha.

Last night I did some work on the McCardell dress… its coming along and I have loved the learning process. Last night when all others were slumbering, I was waxing thread and understitching facings with backstitch… I can’t wait till its finished… maybe tonight… and hubby can take some photographs.

The weekend beckons… enjoy yours!

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