The tale of the tailor’s clapper

I have to start this post by talking about how wonderful my older brother is. After much scouring of the internet, I cast my sights on a tailors clapper that could forseeably be delivered to his address in the United States, by messenger bike no less, before it will journey with him on several airplanes all the way home to me here in Australia. Aren’t older brothers… the best?!?!? Of course once upon a time it would more likely have been lipstick or a handbag or shoes or something like that… but now that I have become totally sewing obsessed, its all about the notions! Dare I add he is also bringing home some relatively cheap silk organza press cloths?! Its actually cheaper to buy ready made in the US than to buy the fabric here and make them myself. Let no wool be burnt by these hands. Oh, and Gingher dressmakers shears… I can hardly wait.


In any event, the tailor’s clapper will be much appreciated given that one of my 2013 sewing goals is to make a properly tailored suit. I have chosen a design from the 1960s… and how fine and crisp the edges will now be! have you set yourself any sewing goals for 2013? My sewing goals (think half a wardrobe) include garments that require techniques or skills that are not currently in my repetoire. I love the learning process.

On a totally different note, the dress featured- and its been ages since I have done a “pattern of the day” is McCalls 4355 (featured in McCalls Pattern Book, Spring 1958). I love the retro rose print, so very Summery.

Little Prince has been walking everywhere and beckons (threatens)?! as I type…. so its a short post!

Happy New Year world! Bon Annee!

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