Velva what?

Velva board, a more modern version of the wire board used to press velvet. It seems there is always an endless list of tools and equipment I need to get my hands on. And this just happens to be one of those impossible to find or expensive items…. Has anyone tried steaming velvet with self fabric or a fluffy towel?


I found these “alternative” instructions in the  Vogue Dressmaking Book (1949). But the board sounds so much easier…!

Honestly, with record breaking heat here in Aus, its hard to think about sewing a velvet dress… but Valentines day is not far. I have also been thinking about redesigning the Trigere dress I am working on to include a godet in the skirt… possibly of red satin that one can catch glimpses of, though still not sure if this might be a bit risky given my limited experience working with these fabrics.

Velvet tips anyone?

3 thoughts on “Velva what?

  1. Keep the nap (i.e pile) all in one direction (with light reflecting towards the face rather than away) while cutting and keep all pattern pieces directionally pointing the same way. You can iron (with no steam or gentle steam) on a plush towel (if you have a good steam iron I’d suggest hanging it up and air-steaming away from yourself with all the usual precautions-this depends on your skill level though-full on disclaimer on for health and safety reasons) XD.

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