The day of the Book fair… and the floral dress.

To say that I have been looking forward to Canberra Lifeline’s bi-annual bookfair is an understatement- I adore this bookfair because I always manage to find an assortment of the unusual, eclectic, rare and interesting. In the past this has included vintage cookbooks (such as Fannie Farmer’s hefty tome), sewing resources and vintage everything-else.

Just in time… I finished McCalls pattern  in the vintage floral fabric I recently picked up at a thrift shop. I was drawn to the 50s style pink roses, I don’t think the fabric is cotton, maybe a synthetic of some sort which frayed fairly easily. Fortunately the pattern construction utilised french seams and was very neatly finished on the inside (no pinking shears). I also used black satin bias binding.

Without further ado, I bring you the book fair dress which I plan to wear with a thick McCardell style belt for interest (though the design does have an elastic waist for at home and weekend-in-the-garden wear). Total construction time (over intervals of house work, child care and “life”) about 2 hours.


Darling husband and I joined the queue for the book fair an hour and a half before the book fair opened. All I can say is the enthusiasm was well worth it as I scored a first edition of Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”, Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing, the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook (all of which I had actively previously looked for or considered ordering online). I also succumbed and bought some of the Singer library sewing books which whilst they are not particularly “cool” seem very useful as a resource.

I think my favourite random find however was a Met Museum book “Jacqueline Kennedy: the White House Years”- if you enjoy vintage fashion or just fashion, you must locate this book! The pictures and prose are nothing short of awesome!Image

2 thoughts on “The day of the Book fair… and the floral dress.

  1. Oh my you sure did well to line up. I’m dead impressed with that list of titles and pile of fabulousness. Oh and the Singer books are def. useful. Definintely.

    Very pretty dress too …. I think the flowers are lovely.

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