Simplicity 5695… ice cream pastels and dreams

One of these days I know when our little girl has arrived and grows, she’ll have a fight with me over something stupid (as children are want to do with their parents). I hope my husband reminds her how much we looked forward to her arrival… and how I wanted to sew up a storm for her!


Have been working with a cute little girls pattern, Simplicity 5695. I had been perusing it on ebay (and debating about the pros and cons versus other patterns) when I chanced upon it at a thrift store. I cut a size 4 and then a size 2… I find it faster to work with multiple dresses at once …less time spent between the machine and the iron… Many thanks to grandma of course for watching my little boy a few hours a week so I can have some “mummy time”.

Loving the contrast ruffle and the way these are turning out, really enjoy playing with the colours in my fabric pile… .. I used version D which I thought would work well as a play dress. The cotton is nice and light, perfect for Aussie Summers. Shown below.. ready for a good press and the insertion of elastic at the neck and sleeves…


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