Nothing says Summer like seersucker… Another Sunny Spot pattern

I am beginning to wonder if I might be able to make most of the patterns in A Sunny Spot pattern book. I am totally in love with about 90% of the designs which are beautifully photographed.

What's not to love? Mega sweet....!

What’s not to love? Mega sweet….! But I bet that kid isn’t going to eat all those doughnuts!

I am calling this one the “Rush Hour” blouse because I literally got most of the prep done in an hour. I am a member of a once monthly sewing circle… really an opportunity to get together with a bunch of women, chat, eat sweets and fruit, drink tea and work on whatever craft project we have going. And sometimes not much craft happens and we indulge in everything else! For last night’s sewing circle, I wanted to work on basting the bias binding so the minute I got home from picking my mother up from the airport and hubbie up from work, I was running around like a mad chicken….

I managed to finish it this morning. It can be done in an hour, uninterrupted in HASTE, but probably two at leisure. Admittedly I did skip a few things I might do.. (like making one long piece of bias binding rather than connecting them ON the garment as I worked) but I haven’t needed to repent yet (as the old saying goes)!

Liberty bias binding... I thought this made for a very fresh, Summery, girly look...!

Liberty bias binding… I thought this made for a very fresh, Summery, girly look…! Made is size 110 (about 3-4 year old size based on chest measurement).

Modifications: obviously my version is shorter, I want to team it with a matching seersucker skirt. Also, I extended two bars of bias binding down the open slit at the back for (1) aesthetics, thought it looked better; and (2) to reinforce the seam, which I had also zig zagged…

The back...

The back…

I am planning to do Kids Clothes week. I keep telling myself I have time. But my anxiety about our baby girl potentially arriving early is increasing… there is never a moment to waste! 🙂 Guess I better start thinking about the matching skirt…!

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