Buttons, Buttons everywhere… KCW Days 5 and 6

Custom made buttons ready to be sewn on to various projects...

Custom made buttons ready to be sewn on to various projects… I bought this little plate from a thrift shop in Tasmania when we were in holiday earlier this year…  thought it so sweet

So I have been fairly busy working away on my projects, including a couple more Enid Gilchrist garments… In fact, given today is a Saturday and our to do list was packed (we had to go looking for a new mattress for the cot, take our little boy to a playground for a run around, grocery shop etc etc etc etc), I got up at about 5.30am to make a start. I moved between a few things, but nothing is actually completed to photograph for today. Hopefully tomorrow will see some completed stuff to show! 

I did want to share my pleasure at receiving my order from Pat’s Custom buttons in Lodi, California. I dealt with Pat on the phone and at 83 its easy to see why she has been so successful… she is just such a lovely lady to talk to and clearly enjoys what she does.

Buttons, buttons, buttons...

Buttons, buttons, buttons…

The buttons all arrived in little plastic packages and I have popped them in a  pretty tin (see the lid below) I use to keep miscellaneous notions. That particular tin was picked up at a local flea market and looks like it is 1950s to me, but I have always loved the image of a the little girl and her dress looks gorgeous- a great inspiration for sewing!

Inspiration comes in many forms...

Inspiration comes in many forms…

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