The pre baby splurge – the seed pearl brooch

So I am feeling guilty. Very guilty. But happily so. I am not sure what it is about having a baby but I am going to blame a recent spate of retail therapy on “month 8 syndrome”. Month 8 is that uncomfortable month. I am carrying another human. I wear clothes that look the same EVERY day. I long to wear pretty florals, for Spring, to hold my new baby in my arms. And instead, there is the awkwardness of feeling like a huge blimp that now needs help to put on her socks. I can’t wait for our baby girl, but month 8 is cruel, I tell you (I say that with a smile).

The Canberra Antiques and Collectables Fair

The Canberra Antiques and Collectables Fair

So the most recent little dose of retail therapy was last night at the Canberra Antiques and Collectables Fair at Albert Hall. I was disappointed there was very little sewing related except a card of mother of pearl buttons (yes, really). So I was delighted when on my way towards the exit (and I made my way through crowds 15 minutes after the opening as people jostled and trays of canapés were offered around), I spyed this little beauty stuck amongst other trinkets to a maroon velvet pillow.

The seed pearl brooch

The seed pearl brooch

I love the brooch for its simplicity and understated elegance. No rhinestones or faux gems. The dealer said 30s or 40s, but who knows, really? I couldn’t help recalling a pearl  (excuse the pun) from Claire McCardell’s “What Shall I Wear”: “Tiffany would label my collection junk. But to me it is very special junk that I have been collecting… make each piece your own,” The minute I saw this, I loved it. They are seed pearls, not particularly valuable at all but I thought it would go with just about anything- especially great against black- and reminded me also of the famous Schiaparelli bow jumper that catapulted her from artist to designer. Besides, I reasoned, it would be the perfect brooch to loan my daughter on special occasions as she gets older. Eight months pregnant and I am already dreaming we might one day be friends.

And right now a very special shipment of old Vogue catalogues is making its way from Oregon to Australia… it should arrive this week… finally! I can hardly wait!




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