The New Chapter- Life after our little girl’s arrival and blooming Liberty!


A first blog post after our little girls birth- she’s three months old and last night was the first night I have had a stretch of sleep longer than 5 hours. Today was the first day I started sewing again… helped along by a purchase of some pretty Liberty fabric at Canberra’s Addicted To Fabric shop yesterday. We also went to some markets this morning and the stalls of handmade baby garments had me longing, longing, longing to get started!

The fabric is Liberty Mauvey (tana lawn) and the pattern was a pretty non descript layette pattern by McCalls from 1991 which I altered to suit my I desires! Ta da… pantaloons, people…!!! I must say I was pretty happy with the pattern matching at the seam at the back… I’d like to say I spent ages trying to do this, alas, it was just a lucky moments when the moons lined up for me… excuse the pun… or abstract flowers in this instance! This project was perfect because its a pretty simple, quick garment but also one my little girl sorely needed. I love Janie and Jack in the US but the pants I had bought for her weren’t as light and soft as I was hoping… these should feel like air and be very comfortable. I also made the elastic in the waist a bit longer than it needed to be so i could unstitch and stitch again… so eventually these might be more “bloomers” than pantaloons as she grows.


A side note motherhood is lovely… most days…! I have managed to get into the swing of caring for a very active toddler and a young baby all at the same time! Thank goodness for the ergo, baby carriers are the best invention ever…!

Our lives have changed since the arrival of our “Little Princess”… for the better. You don’t think your heart can be filled with more love. You think its already full and brimming. And then it happens. You meet child 2. And its falling in love all over again. or for the first time, in the case of my firstborn (son). We adore her. And I cherish every minute of her babyhood. Baby cuddles really are scrumptious!!!

Like I said... scrumptious!

Like I said… scrumptious!

2 thoughts on “The New Chapter- Life after our little girl’s arrival and blooming Liberty!

  1. These trousers are so pretty, the fabric is lovely and I love the lace trim! Thanks for the note on the elastic waistbands, I’ll keep that in mind next tine I sew an outfit for a toddler. These will make great bloomers too in a few months time!

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