Life’s a Beach … Take the phone off the hook…

How is your post Christmas holiday going? We are enjoying a few days at Culburra Beach on the New South Wales South Coast- thanks to the generosity of my older brother who has been cooking for us and providing plentiful amounts of good coffee. Its wonderful to get out of your daily routine, to relax, to enjoy family… Culburra Beach is a typically example of the “Great Aussie beach”… Here are some pics to share with you…



Of course I couldn’t post without a little vintage fashion pleasure to share also… here are a few magazines I picked up at an antique store in Kangaroo Valley on the drive here. The drive is only supposed to be 3 hours from Canberra, but throw in two children in the mix and you can make that 5 (with stopovers etc)!

The last picture is an advertisement from VOGUE, July 1951… can you recognise the model? This (later) world famous actress modelled part time before she made it big… it was interesting to find the advert for “Lacto-Calamine”


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