Ready, set… spider! And more Jacques Fath

One thing I have never become truly accustomed to living in Australia – and I was raised here but have lived many other places over time- is the plethora of spiders. The garden variety make homes on our washing line and kids play equipment and I never sit down on our patio without first looking under the table…

BUT. PLEASE. Imagine my horror last night when my little boy had followed me into our sewing room as I was searching for a particular pattern (Simonetta girls coat pattern by Vogue from the 1960s, with welt pockets) and my husband pointed out a rather large spider (size of a man’s hand) above the window. He could see it from the doorway, I hadn’t noticed it at all. Fortunately, my husband is pretty relaxed about dispensing with such things, but it was so big, I promise I felt very ill!!! Does that make me arachnaphobic or just NORMAL??? Even if it was harmless (and very hairy and ugly), do you really think I want to go into my sewing room now? Am I really a modern wimpette? So top of the list this Friday when hubbie takes the day off work to give me some “time” (I begged) is giving the sewing room a big spring clean… if only to make enough vibrations to scare off any of Rex’s family members (let’s call the dearly departed Rex, shall we)? My little boy thought it was all fascinating and funny and the incy wincy song dancing his hands up my shoulders and on my face… Eeek!!!!

Anyway, I found the Simonetta coat pattern only to feel my heart sink on the discovery of a missing pattern piece- a back yoke/ sleeve piece. i took a look at the instructions… the back neck facing is there and the sleeve lining. With some detective work I could try and draft the missing piece, but not sure I want to take a risk on messing it up on some rather expensive wool I bought for the project (and that is due to arrive today). My error, I should have checked the pattern immediately when I bought it on ebay last year, but sometimes I just trust that people sell things as they say they are.

Moving right along, as both kids are sleeping and due to wake any minute, I have some vintage eye candy for you.

Jacques Fath gown, peacock brilliance, 50s fabulous!

Jacques Fath gown, peacock brilliance, 50s fabulous!

I am absolutely LONGING to make a few things at the moment. (1) I want to practising making tons of welt pockets and perfect it. Giving myself January/February for self study on that in addition to finishing a few kids clothes, including making up the Oliver and S sailor Pants for each child. (2) A Jacques Fath cape (much like the one below) and suit with epaulet sleeves in Linton Tweed… but more to post on that at a later point when I have mastered the art of the welt pocket. (3) A Claire McCardell playsuit. (4) the ruffle version of the Oliver and S picnic shorts in pink twill like this for my Little Miss; also the Simonetta coat in pink wool (?). I also have to take a look at some of my McCalls Givenchy patterns which I adore, but truthfully can’t afford to keep forever… will post if and when I choose to sell if there are any Givenchy lovers out there.

Mayhem starts any minute now. At least I had a warm coffee this morning! Have a great Monday!

Jacques Fath is one of my favourites... look at those details...

Jacques Fath is one of my favourites… look at those details… Image posted are  from my collection of 50s Fashion magaines (Femina, La Femme Chic and L’Officiel)

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