A sailboat skirt for the horribly glamorous

You know the kind… she is always impeccably dressed, she breezes about as though totally carefree but always immaculate and charming and with an air of… je ne sais quoi? She is the friend you love to love.

I have such a friend. When we bought our house she was quick to point out all its good features, not look for its flaws (as some people can’t help themselves- I guess that is human nature). When my son went through his “adjustment phase” after the birth of his sister, she was understanding, not judgemental, she brought a little cake over for our coffee within days of my return from the hospital and I started to feel, well.. normal again.

So her little girl is turning three this weekend and I wanted to give her something special. And hopefully something chic and deserved of the “horribly glamorous” in the vein of Jacadi and Bonpoint (such aspirations)! that her mummy would love too!

I have been meaning to make the sailboat skirt my little Miss, so decided to make one for my friends daughter also. I have chosen Kaufman pink corduroy which exudes “pretty” in capitals (P_R_E_T_T_Y)! but robust enough for some outdoor play through the coming Autumn and Winter, The big question though is… which buttons…?

What do you think? I think all the selecting and choosing in the design process is one of the parts I love most in sewing.

Thoughts? Putting it all together this Friday. The birthday party is on Saturday….

decisions decisions

decisions decisions

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