Sew while the iron is hot… The sailboat skirt

Lessons. The day was full of lessons. Well actually, I had been prepping for my big “sewing day” (which basically meant my husband would be in the wings helping with the kids so I could sew). So I had quite a list and started last night at about 9pm… I made the mistake of sewing till midnight…

Lesson 1# when you are tired, go to bed, or you’ll just make (really silly) mistakes and create more work for yourself! ie. unstitching seams (boohoo).

Lesson 2# corduroy, no matter how innocent it may look or how thin does get bulky layer upon layer and can be quite difficult to work with. I was using a 21 wale Kaufman cord that I thought would be straight forward enough, alas, even a new needle made little difference on some of the bunched up (side) seams in the sailboat skirt pattern.

Lesson 3# don’t cut until you have confirmed all measurements… I started cutting and when I received my friend’s daughter’s measurements and realised I actually needed to make a totally different size… no matter, I thought… I’ll just make three skirts, two (rather than one) for my daughter and one for my friend.

Lesson 4# Even if someone on the internet says something is a “quick sew”,you need to account for all the extra time for the details you add. I wanted piping… I also added steps (such as grading all of the seams, binding them etc). Not such a quick sew after all.

Lesson 5# Sewing isn’t as much fun when you are operating to meet a tight deadline.

Lesson 6# playing with trim can make a huge difference. I used hot pink velour piping for the third skirt and hated it, if only because it was impossibly bulky to work with.

pale pink piping
I am pleased to say, I have almost finished all three skirts, buttonholes have been made and buttons just need to be sewn on… the one thing I haven’t done that was in the pattern was finish the front facing seam with anything more than a row of stitches. This was because the fabric would have left a stronger imprint on the outer skirt during pressing process (and pretty much every time it was ironed after a wash). Whilst not a aesthetically pleasing as a bound seam, I did think this was the best choice.

Anyone else have ideas for neat seam finishes for corduroy?

Once I have done the fitting,  the buttons are in and I can press. And drink a glass of wine. And sleep!!!!

Pinks skirt sailboat

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