1940s fashion… Decisions and inspiration


Of these which would you make? Planning my sewing year and as I succumbed and bought some gorgeous vintage rayon, I am having a hard time deciding. Maybe the far left pattern, top right blouse?
Anybody worked with vintage rayon? Dream or nightmare? Tips and tricks please…?!
Next question, what are your favourite movies for 40s fashion inspiration. So far on my list I have: the Notebook, Pearl Harbor, Casablanca… Any must see movies to add from the era?

2 thoughts on “1940s fashion… Decisions and inspiration

  1. I’m not sure about fashion inspiration, but Mildred Pierce and Gilda are fantastic movies from the 40’s. I like the blouse you point out, or the dress; all gorgeous. I haven’t worked with vintage rayon, but the rayon I’ve used tends to be on the delicate and shifty side. I’d recommend ironing with a little starch or something to stiffen it up a bit before you start cutting out your pattern. And make sure you make your notches or tailors tacks before picking up a piece you’ve cut out. Once you pick it up (if you don’t starch your fabric), the fabric can be hard to match back up with the pattern because it drapes out of shape.

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