Thumbs up for Collette Dinnigan’s Young Hearts line at Aldi


So, there were about 30 people waiting for Aldi to open at the Canberra City store this morning….  Given the range of $15-20 for fun, brightly coloured girls swimwear I was certainly keen to inspect Ms Dinnigan’s offerings, as a thrifty mumma “who sews”. For such prices, what quality would could be expected given our cheap equals disposable consumer culture ? Could these pretty threads look as pretty as the sun drenched marketing in Aldi’s catalogue? (credit: the catalog images shown here are by Hugh Stewart…. Gold)!


I bought a number (cough cough, a lot)!of pieces and whilst I was less keen on some of the cotton pieces (the skirts for one, I would be less likely to buy because I could whip them up with a minimum investment of time), the range represents very good value for money. There are still a few loose threads to be snipped, for the most part hems were neatly machined and I very much disliked the way some bows were machined on to some of the sleepwear items, but these are overall great buys.

If you were thinking of popping into Aldi, do snap up the swimwear! Best value. But don’t hesitate…  I don’t think the best pieces will last long. Even the girls party dresses with lacy trim are pretty good at $30 when you consider the styles offered by Ms Dinnigan at David Jones…. Here are a few of the things I picked up from my own sweet girl…





The last picture was a toddler swimsuit, you can see how they have been neatly finished inside…

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