My new Featherweight (Singer 221 Sewing Machine)-Like sewing with a Baby grand piano

221 full view

I say “new” featherweight because it was acquired in this last week. My husband, son and baby daughter travelled over 1000 km to pick her up on a “holiday” road trip to Melbourne. Cosmetically she is in pretty good shape with a few small “love bites” from her years with her original owner (you may notice one on the light). Most of the time, she was left to sit in her box and the original owner preferred a treadle. I had her serviced almost immediately and she functions perfectly.

Look at that gloss! Sewing with her is like caressing a baby grand, there is definitely an air of luxury.

This is a special machine, she is being gifted to me by my husband as I have a milestone birthday this year- I don’t ever intend to sell her and I hope like the jewel that she is she will be a joy for one of my kids whom I plan to teach to sew early on. One day I hope to gift it to them.

I started sewing Simplicity 1220 on my Singer 99 (‘Snow White’). I used a tucking foot for the bodice tucks. As this machine was manufactured in 1957 I am christening her “Peyton” as ’57 was the year the  movie of the tres scandalous book Peyton Place came out.

Sigh. This is bliss. What are you sewing? Do you have a featherweight?

221 needle


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