A classic toddler pinafore or smock mccalls 1694


This weekend my spare moments were spent making contrast collars in white batiste for a number of girls dresses I plan to make, it’s much more efficient to do several sets at once by the time you’ve prepped the fabric and played about with machine tension. Incidentally, the fabric was bought in Melbourne at Tessuti on our recent road trip… I picked it up along with some great shirting for a pressie for my husband (as a shirt) later in the year.


I also cut and assembled Mccall 1694 (the illustration at the top is from one of my catalogs from the mid 50s). This is a super cute design for a toddler… And very practical to slip over a third and pants or to protect another dress such as the cherry print gingham Simplicity 2200 I am making in tandem for her birthday later in the year. I looove using the Singer ruffler on my new featherweight, the result I’d precise and beautiful. Below you can see me sewing the shoulder ruffles on to the pinafore. This is not far from being completed and is pretty quick to sew (assuming that you don’t have little ones underfoot the entire time)! Weekends are great for me because hubbie gives me short blocks of time to make progress. Its the only way, for me!!!  I am also contemplating the trim I will use and what it will be worn with in her wardrobe at that time… it would be great if it all complimented… by design or happy coincidence.

I should clean up my sewing studio. Should, should,should. There are any number of chores. But sewing is so much more appealing!

Smock 50s featherweight sewing detail

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